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“More leads won’t help,
until you learn the skills!”
If your warm market (family and friends)
didn’t like what you say,
what makes you think strangers (leads)
will like it any better?
We share the knowledge and
teach the skills so
you will SUCCEED!

First off, let us congratulate you
on taking the first step towards
your financial freedom!

With some hard work, you have the opportunity to build your business into a money maker!
As with any business, you must work hard and there are no guarantees of success.
As Ray Kroc, founder of McDonalds once said; ” The ONLY LOSERS are the QUITERS!”.
This business has many success stories of people that just wanted to
be able to purchase at wholesale prices but,
so many people asked them how they lost weight
that they built a business, that took off on it’s on.
How many other businesses can say that?
Business by accident! Wow!
We’re supposing that you came to this page on purpose and don’t want to wait
for an accidental business startup. You are an Entrepreneur! A future success story!
Your startup investment is one of the smallest in the market place, but sweat equity
is needed as your second investment. Watch the “Opportunity Meeting” videos on the
Training page to see how hard you will be working as an Emerald! Tough times, huh?
The ultimate success of your PLEXUS PRODUCTS business will be directly attributed
to your ability to learn (the things on the “Training page”) and execute a
marketing strategy (executing many of the ideas on this page).
Can’t sleep? Do some internet work, answer some emails.
Appointment fell through? Learn something?


The first thing you need to do is to come up with a
detailed planned budget for marketing your business.
Some people have thousands of dollars to invest and
others have very little capital to invest in marketing.
Do what I did, go out and do some manual labor to get
some seed money! You know what seed money is?

It’s the money needed to purchase seeds
to plant in the ground to raise a crop.
The field has to be tilled, planted, watered and weeded.
The results are a hundredfold, if you follow the steps.
No water? dead plants! Forgot to weed? Choked crops!
Don’t do one step and quit! keep at it, be persistent!

Persistence will win out, over any setbacks!
Consistency is key! Keep taking steps!
No matter, how small, as more steps are
added it will become a walk in the park,
eventually it will be a RUN!,
and it will run without you!

In any event, establish a monthly marketing,
promotion and advertising budget and stick with it!
We have come up with different ways that you
can get your business off to a good start.
Some of these ideas are free, some are not.
The main objective is to get you up, running
and thinking about marketing and advertising.
Let us know what works for you, testimonials
of marketing techniques are just as important
for new Ambassadors as product testimonials!
In fact, if you have any other ideas,
you have found to be successful,
please email them to us,
on our “Contact Us Page”.

Some of these, you already know about.
But knowing and doing are two different things.
Some are the Grits&Guns, Boots on the Ground Marketing tools,
Business Cards, Meetings, Trifolds, Promo Items, etc. etc.
Others may be new to you, like working on the internet.
REMEMBER! Except for very special circumstances.
Printing, emailing, website maintenance are activities
that can be done when you can’t sleep or when its
storming, when you’re sick, whatever!
When the sun is shining be somewhere talking to somebody!
Don’t get busy on the computer during visiting hours!
If you’re conducting Opportunity Meetings,
thats 5:00 to 10:00 p.m. Call on businesses between
9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Prospect in the afternoon.
ALL computer work should be scheduled during
non-productive hours! 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.
Remember; PEOPLE ARE OUR BUSINESS! – “I’m just sayin!”


On the recent Opportunity of a Lifetime Tour,
Plexus International President Alfred Pettersen
presented his 18 tips for building a successful
Plexus business during his stops in TN, AL & FL.

(We thought they were so valuable that
we had to share them with you!)

18 Tips for Building a Successful Plexus Business
(Alfred loves permission marketing)

1. It’s okay to build the business part-time;
it’s not okay to build it some time.

2. Get business cards –
they send a message to your subconscious –
they make you look professional –
they help you promote your products and business.

3. Build Relationships –
Find out about their family, birthdays, job,
health challenges and personal goals.
Make notes and review them regularly.

4. Be a product of the product.
Get your own testimonial.

5. Gather testimonials.
When you hear a great testimonial,
interview the person, take notes,
take pictures and get permission to
call on them to tell their story.

6. Go for the Easy Business.
Do they have a need?
Do they want the results?
Do they have the money?

7. Go when the business is easy.
Activity is already established;
meetings are already going on;
a leader is visiting an area.

8. Use the resources – meetings,
upline, contests, bonuses,
Success Guide, Opportunity Call,
and Facebook.

9. Use the tools –
decision packs, brochures,
web-sites, DVD’s, newspapers.

10. Practice Permission Marketing –
Ask questions; get permission to proceed.
See details in your Success Guide.

11. Set Goals –
“I am in the process of becoming ……….” Or,
“I am in the process of earning….”
Write them out.

12. Work with a partner or a group or both.
They will provide support, energy and new ideas.

13. Volunteer to help out at meetings,
help out AFTER meetings, give your testimony,
coach someone who asks you, do a 3-way call or
have a meeting with a downline and their prospect.

14. Educate, don’t sell.
Give people the info to enable them
to make their own decisions.

15. Self-promote.
A magnetic car sign, a button, a tee-shirt.
“I’ve lost 35 lbs. in ____ months.
“Progress Report –
down 27 lbs.; 13 to go.”

16. Don’t pre-judge.
Ask questions to see if there
is value in Plexus for them.

17. Ask for help –
“Who do you know
(Be specific with the question)
at work? Or,
at church… or,
at your club…. or,
at your gym.?”

18. Don’t ignore your
family and friends.
Keep your life in balance.


For previous Plexus Business Building Tips from
Alfred Pettersen click here.
(Remember, he started just like you and built
his business into one of the most successful in
the world) He was with them over fifteen years.
He is experienced in Network Marketing.
That’s one reason the Plexus business is so great!







The following ideas are in no special order.
They are grouped generally into non-internet ideas, then internet ideas.
We would suggest reading each idea and highlighting the ones that interest you.
Then do some research on the suggestion and take the time to execute the idea
and see if it yields results. If it does, great, keep doing it!

Do some of the tried and true ones first, then branch out onto the internet!
On the internet, THINK BIG, PLAN BIG! Do you want to be a big fish in a little pond?
Would you rather be a Giant Fish in a Giant Ocean? The internet can market your business
Nationwide. Why waste its potential. If you could run an ad for your hometown or…
run one nationally for the same effort, at the same price, which would you do?
If they work great! Keep doing them!

If not, try something else on the list or come up with some ideas of your own.
There are 100’s of ways to market your PLEXUS PRODUCTS business!!!
REMEMBER, THIS IS A NETWORKING BUSINESS, that means you have to meet people…
and talk to them, any advertising is just gravy, the meat and potatoes
is you Coaching and Training, Helping and Teaching. None of which can happen
unless you know them, really know them, their dreams and problems.
Then and only then can you share your products or business.
Just like Alfred says “Use Permission Marketing”!

These Marketing ideas may be illegal in some countries, states, provinces,
counties, parishes, cities, towns or on certain private properties.
Check local laws, ordinances and rules before marketing your products and services.
Taxes, licenses, permits and permission my be necessary in your area.
Check with your local Chamber of Commerce and/or government agencies.
The reader assumes all liability associated with the use of these ideas.
Please, be thoughtful and considerate of others and their property.

All Advertising must abide by Copyright and Trade Mark laws!
Be especially aware of Plexus Worldwide’s Policies & Procedures
and Terms & Conditions. We all agreed to them when we joined Plexus,
(otherwise know as the fine print.) When advertising on the internet,
get Plexus Worldwide’s Compliance Department’s approval.
company’s products! (If you sell purses, put them on another site)
(you may provide a link to it on another site, like the tabs on
this page.) NO Ebay, Amazon, online auction sites, etc.

If you have any other marketing ideas, you have found to be successful,
please email them to us, on our “Contact Us Page”.




Business Cards:

What better way to show you are a legitimate business,
than with business cards. The Official ones from your
Back Office, Promotional Items, are Awesome! Printed on
both sides with a slick polished good looking finish.
Business cards send a message to you and others,
that you are in business! Get em’ quick and use em’!

Sara Marble’s mom has built a successful business,
just by asking; May I share my business card with you?
The perfect opener! Especially with a card like the
one below. It gives you an excuse to explain the
products to them, that relate to their health issues.

Print your own, until the official ones get here!
You can get an Avery Biz Card Kit at an office supply.
Even better, we will show you where to get 250 for FREE!!!
Just pay for shipping which is about $7.95!

Keep clicking through and they’ll throw in another 250
for just $3.95! So for 10 or 11 bucks- 500 cards!
Give em’ your email and they’ll send you sale notices,
coupons and discounts for more cards and every
product and service they offer!

Don’t forget to use every space you can!
Like this one! Of course you can change it, but look
at the information on this thing! INFO, INFO, INFO!
Forget the street address! This a website and personal
Networking Business! Titles? Who needs em? I need Business!


You may want separate cards for different parts
of your business.
* The Business Opportunity.
* Breast Health.
* Weight Loss.
* Pain Relief.
* Well Being.
Break them down so you can give them a card that’s
specific to their needs, and points them directly
to that page of your website.
(like the tabs on the top of this web page)

Perhaps you should have a QR codes for each card.
(that goes to a different page on your website)
Like the tabs on the top of

Use them as a tool! Don’t waste em!
Mine are not name & address cards,
they are notepads & memory cards!
Full of the info they need to remember.
So they don’t need to fumble for a pen.
Without the usual fluff!

ALWAYS, always get their name & number.
When it comes to business cards,
I collect them, not give them!!
A typical “sales rep.” introduces themselves,
leaves their business card and leaves.
It gets lost, washed in the laundry,
buried in the bottom of a purse or
tossed in file thirteen!

That’s why Medical reps give away everything
else, pens, post-its and notepads, calendars!
To keep their number and products on the desk.
A medical rep. goes to an office building and
spends three hours going around introducing
themselves and their product, with interruptions!

You have an appointment at a Medical Facility.
So on your way in, or on your way home, even while you
wait (leave the nice lady at the front desk your
cell number- you’re going outside) go to every office
you can and get their biz card.

Twenty offices, twenty cards!
How many people work in each office?
Five, ten, twenty?
You can now, at your convenience – call,
set an appointment, send emails, letters etc.

Out and about? Shopping for your family?
Talk to everyone, briefly and ask them,
“Do you have a business card?”
Your stack will grow and grow.
Realtors, Salespeople, Contractors,
on and on and on. Collect them all the
time, wherever you go.

Don’t forget to make notes on the back,
of the conversation – what you said and
their family, work, background, business,
goals and interests, that you learned
about in the conversation. All of this
will come in very handy later when
you call to set up an appointment.

Wow! You’ll be making new friends while
you are getting started in business!
I know this sounds corny,
I have met people this way and
even though we didn’t do business,
I have sent them business and
they have sent me business,
on top of that we have become
friends and have rescued each
other, in those flat tire or
car on the side of the road
Who knew? A side benefit of
doing your own marketing and sharing-
NEW FRIENDS! Wow, ya gotta love it!

Yes, we could be watching TV
and watching someone live their life.
But we are living ours!
Helping others, making new friends
and earning some money!
Business Cards! Don’t just
hand them out like candy!
Develop a new hobby,
collect ‘em!

Branding Yourself:

Let everyone know what you are doing and what you represent!
The perfect icebreaker! They might ask you; “What is Plexus?”
They have just requested a one minute presentation!
You can get them from your upline, have them made locally or
just go to your back office and order hats, shirts, parkas,
key chains, bags. Like these…

Friends and Co-workers:

What better way to make a few extra sales,
than from your friends and coworkers? Ignore any negatives.
You will get some and that’s good training for you, you need some NOs!
Order some samples and share them at family get togethers.
You will get some YESes!

Talk it up at work!
“I’ve got a couple of friends that are in business with me!”
An easy way for a few sales. Don’t forget to give them a good deal!
A discount on Retail or sign em up as a wholesale distributor.
Remember $34.95 for
five websites, this one, two different retail sites,
their back office, the business builder site
and the rights to purchase wholesale,
plus the business opportunity! WOW ! !

Flyers or Handouts:

Create your own or ask your upline Ambassador for one.
You can download them off of the Training page link.
We would be happy to email you one that you can print out
and put up anywhere there is foot traffic!
Schools, Stores, under car windshields, in mailboxes, etc.
A cheap and easy way to get your name out there!

Ever notice a flyer under your windshield when you come out of a store?
Well although not all of those flyers will be turned into a sale, some of them will.
If your return is 5%, then 100 flyers will yield 5 prospects!
If its 1%, then 100 flyers will produce 1 prospect, if they become a customer?
Thats a repeat customer, are they worth the $15.00 for the 100 copies?
That’s why businesses do it over and over.
Because it does work and it is a very cost effective.
(Don’t forget to go back to the parking lot later
and retrieve the flyers that were left on the ground…
so you won’t get in trouble with the property
owners or the police.)

The Health and Wellness Report:

This is an effective form of advertising.
A 4-page newspaper style periodical with
testimonials, info on PLEXUS PRODUCTS!
Plus interviews with executives and Ambassadors!
These “NEWSPAPERS” will be accepted everywhere!

The PERFECT Guerrilla marketing tool.

EVERY… EVERY business, store, office, salon,
auto shop waiting room will be your personal
advertising distributor! Leave em! AWESOME!
GET THEM AND USE THEM! They are available
in your back office. $17.50 per 50 copies plus
10.00 or 11.00 bucks shipping.
Order more and shipping goes down per unit.

Don’t forget to use it as a door opener!
It is your reason for talking to the manager,
to ask permission and start up a conversation
with them. So you get leads and maybe get
calls or orders from the papers you leave.

Do you have a prospective customer or
Ambassador that needs more info?
Just give them this!
Wifi down? Dropped your laptop?
Old school; newspapers to the rescue!
Use ‘em! Great tool, Great Idea!

By getting your Training
and Mentoring for FREE!
THE Mentoring For FREE System.
“Don’t waste money on leads!”

“More leads won’t help,
until you learn the skills!”
If your warm market (family and friends)
didn’t like what you say,
what makes you think strangers (leads)
will like it any better?
We share the knowledge and
teach the skills so
you will SUCCEED!

Word of Mouth:

This is the cheapest and most effective advertising.
Get your “elevator business introduction” memorized!
Learn your “ONE MINUTE PRESENTATION, (until you do
just print it out and read it to them.)
When they ask; What do I have to do, you hand them your
cheat sheet and say; just read them this like I just did,
that’s It!

(go to the “Phone Tips” bar, it’s the first video or
the “Can you spare a minute for your business?”)

Tell everyone you know about your business.
If they buy something from you and all goes well,
they are going to tell their friends
and that usually results in more customers!
When they lose a lot, they will become
a walking billboard. They won’t have to share.
Their friends, family and coworkers
will ask them for it!

Monthly Newsletters:

Create and email out a monthly newsletter
to all of your clients, testimonials etc.
Offer a discount or free samples for referrals.
Let your customers be your commercials!

Free Giveaways:

Create a free promotion and giveaway.
Get custom made pens, magnets,
anything that has your business name,
telephone number, and website on it.
Just click on this bar and type “promo items”
in the search box on the upper right.


Business Networking:

A great way for you to work with other professionals
in business and to help each other meet mutual goals.
Here are 2 great articles on networking. Read them here! and

Your local Chamber of Commerce is a gold mine in this regard.

Local Bulletin Boards:

Post flyers and business cards everywhere you see a bulletin
board. Be it the local library, supermarket, gym, or drug store!
If you are shy, this is perfect! You see them all the time.
Make the single page with the tear off name, number & website.

At Home Parties:

Organize at home parties with friends and neighbors,
just like Avon, Tupperware, Mary Kay Cosmetics,
The Pampered Chef and other at home party services.
Offer the host Samples or a gift to make it worth their while.
A prospect thats short on capital can host a party.
With just two Slim & Accelerator customers + $20 they can
purchase a 3 for $199 welcome pack and $34.95 web hosting fee.
BAM! They are in business with two customers and a 30 day
supply for themselves! How cool is that!


So how did you first taste “Chick fil a” chicken?
In a mall or food court? A tray with small pieces on a toothpick?
The point is Samples work! FREE Samples like a small taste
of Plexus Slim at a Festival or Opportunity Meeting or Retail
like a Three day sample of Slim & Accelerator or a small tube
of Plexus Fast Relief Cream. Whether FREE or retail samples work!
The customer gets to taste it or FEEL the results.
People love to try things out, to test them, to see if they
are going to like it or get results from the products.
Just go to your back office and order what you need.

Product Sample Customer Surveys:

Ask customers to help you with a survey.
When you sell them a 3 day sample or
Decision pack ask them to fill out a
survey of before and after weight and
measurements which you will enter on
an Excel spreadsheet as part of a
survey/study that will be compiled and
sent in to Plexus Worldwide.
(yes, actually compile it and send it in.)

Car Stickers and Signs:

Contact the local sign store and see if they can make you
a magnetic sign for the side or back of your car or
maybe letter the rear window with your website address.
Herbalife, real estate companies, pizza delivery companies,
locksmiths, and others have done this with their vehicles
and it has been very successful! Summer gets calls
every week from her car signs! Also customers that
just go to her website and order! Without a call!
Your Back Office has them now!

Civic Groups, PTA, Lions Clubs:

Become a member in one or more of these groups.
A great place to network and offer your products!
Contact your local Chamber of Commerce
for the best places to join!

The Plexus Product Catalog:

The new products catalog has the complete line
of Plexus Products, full color with prices!
Perfect to leave with potential customers.


Check out the local festival and see what
its fee is to have a booth for a day or weekend.
If feasible, use a laptop or print some
Ambassador Applications on the spot.
Maybe even purchase some products as samples
or to sell wholesale right at the festival!
Yes! We’ve worked several and loved it!
Go to the “Past events archives” and see a picture
of our booth, we banded together and got everything
we needed. (We aren’t even in the same downline)
It’s OK we all profit share don’t we?
If you need help with materials,
just let us know.

Flea Markets:

Go down to the local flea markets and see what
its fee is to have a booth for a day or weekend.
If feasible, use a laptop or print some
Ambassador Applications on the spot.
Maybe even purchase some products as samples or to
sell Retail right at the flea market!

Local Charities:

Everyone wants to work with a company that
gives back and donates to worthwhile causes.
Any local Women’s Health charity would love us.
Check out some local charities that you have
an interest in and work with them on a
fundraiser where a portion of the
proceeds go to the charity.
Make money and help others!
October is Breast Health Month.
The Breast Chek Kits will get
your foot in the door for other
sales and maybe sponsoring.

Consignment Shops:

Work with local store owners on a consignment basis.
I would have empty bags and bottles on display.
With the real ones under lock and key.
Ask them for a small corner to place
some items and for each one that is sold,
you simply pay a commission to the store owner.

Create a Logo:

Image is everything! Create your own logo or have someone help you
create one. It is imperative that you give your business an identity.
The main company PLEXUS WORLDWIDE has done a great job of this.
If you decide to branch out, stick to a theme, style, color & font.
Visit or for help!
Or just stick with the company look and logos.
Sharp, professional, cool.

Door to Door Sales:

Many people still practice this sales method.
While not practical everywhere,
there are still places where walking
door to door with info & samples does work.
Saturdays, people are home and out
Apartments and Garden Home communities,
make the doors closer together!

Sell to Local Businesses:

Just because you primarily sell to customers,
does not mean you can’t sell wholesale
to local businesses, Salons, Doctors offices.
They can become Ambassadors or you can discount
the retail price so that they can buy the products
from you and still sell them for a profit.
Plexus has THE BEST weight loss combination
on the planet to offer their clients.
Plus the Patented Plexus Pink!

Set up Local Businesses:
As Ambassadors!

Our upline has the window posters for $3.00 each.
(The Plexus Slim waist&jeans – purchase samples here)
You sign the business up, they only inventory samples.
The business buys and sells 3 day samples only!
Any inquiries for more of the product
are sent to their website.
Their customers can become Ambassadors or
just purchase online.
She is hitting Salons with this right now!
Plexus has THE BEST weight loss combination
on the planet to offer their clients.
Plus the Patented Plexus Pink!

Post Card Mailers:

Create a post card or mailer and
work with the local papers to have
it included as an insert in the paper.
Many smaller papers will work with
you on the pricing and circulation.
Work on a small scale and test it out.
If it works, increase the exposure!
Flyers on thicker paper work great.
I’m lazy an cheap, I would not do
the trifold, sticker deal.
Just a double sided flyer.
Black ink on colored paper!

Grocery Receipt Coupons:

Ever flip over the receipts from the
grocery store and notice ads?
Well, look into getting your
business noticed too!
See if any people offering similar
items are advertising on there.
If they are, chances are it is working!

Restaurant Placemats:

Ever see those advertisements on
the placemats in diners and
local restaurants?
Usually in the corner of the placemat
you will have a telephone number to
contact the company that places
those ads on the placemat.

Customer Surveys:

Email out customer surveys.
This will show you what you are doing
right and where you need to improve.
The better the customer’s experience is,
the better chance of them shopping with
you again and telling their friends!

800 Customer Service:

Look into getting a toll free number for your
customers to call for ordering and information.
These numbers are easy to get and can ring right to
your home line or cell phone. Visit sites like for more information.

School Events:

Call and see if you can work with the school
on any type of upcoming events they have going on.
Maybe offer a discount for any order made
from the schools referral.
Maybe they can mention you in their newsletter
or you can come in and do a presentation for
the class about starting a home based business.


Many local shops are available for promo items, or
go to and create custom mugs,
shirts, hats, etc, with your company name,
website address, and logo on it!
You only pay for each item you order.
Be a traveling billboard for your company.
A great idea for friends and relatives.
Let them advertise the your business as
they go about their daily routine!


Schools, Sports Teams, Bands, Cheerleaders,
Choirs, churches, civic groups, all have fundraisers!
Why not Plexus Pink Breast Chek Kits?
Shelia Medina has info or call main office.
Group orders $3,500 and sells for $5,000
making $1,500 for the group!
Perfect for October Breast Cancer Awareness!

Sponsor a Team:

While you may not be able to get your name
plastered across a NASCAR racing team,
it is very affordable to contact some
local teams for sponsorship.
Many times for $100 or less,
you can sponsor a soccer team,
little league, or bowling team.
In return you usually receive a mention on
the team jersey, in their newsletters, etc.
People want to do business with people
who give back to the local community!

Sponsor a Highway:

It usually costs nothing,
just the time for a monthly trash
pickup will take along the roadway.
Exercise! & Fresh Air!
Your sponsorship gets your
company name on a sign,
which thousands of drivers will see!

Yellow Pages:

Contact your local yellow pages and/or
yellow book to inquire about rates.
Many times it is much less than you think it is.
Yellow Page advertising lends credibility to
your company so it is worth considering.

Local Cable TV Spots:

Advertising on local cable channels is
not always as expensive as you may think.
Contact the local cable company and
they will put you in touch with the
sales department to discuss any
possible ways to advertise on TV!
Get on a local morning talk show or
midday news segment.

Pamphlets & Info Cards:

Plexus has great pamphlets with
before and after pix and Plexus Slim
info cards. What they don’t have is
pamphlet stands. You can purchase them
at an office supply or make you own.
(Check out the videos of instructions
on how to make them out of
Old Plexus Slim bags! next)

Get Creative!:

I made an A-Frame sign for festivals
and meetings out of PVC pipe.
If you’re not a plumber type,
maybe hot glue is your thing!
Check out this video!


Even if you don’t want to do this.
Someone you know may want them!
(I have saved every one of them)
I also open them by sliting the
bottom of the bag, so it can be
stuffed and used as display bags.
I’ve got empty bottles for my
display, some of which came from
others.(I begged)

You need a M.A.V. :

Image you are a prospective customer,
you come out of a store and see your car.
There’s the magnet sign or window sign.
But, you don’t have a pen and paper.
You only have one free hand.
What do you do?
Have you seen the realty signs that
have a flyer, full of info on the house.
You car or truck can do the same thing.
Just change it into a…
It can work while you are shopping!
“things to make when you can’t sleep”
Check out this video!


Saved the best for last!


Many HUGE downlines have been
built, just with this method alone!
You have to have a list of contacts
and phone numbers.
You and your upline call them.
You just introduce your upline as
your business partner and
talk them up a little.
Then sit back and listen!
The subject should be “extra money
part time”, “time and freedom” and
“tax savings”. NOT YOUR PRODUCT or
Those will be explained at the
meeting with your upline or at
the opportunity meeting with
Don’t talk, interupt, interject,
comment, nothing at all.
Because the last thing your upline
will say is: What did _____(you)
do during this call?
They wil say, either “nothing”
or “introduce you”(the upline)
Your upline says “THATS RIGHT
and thats all you’ll have to do
is introduce us over the phone,
when you get started, can you do that?”
They’ll say Y E S !
It is a very short phone call
to set up a meeting or to invite
them to a meeting.
You will have to add to your
list of prospects all the time.
Make friends, meet people.
Get with your upline to learn how.
This is one of the TOP SKILLS
you need, to do this business.
Get some names and numbers,
call your upline! ~~ BAM!
For more details go to
Business Skills.





Hey, did you miss the FREE biz cards?
They do a FREE website too!
It’s where Shelia Medina got hers!
Just check her site, it is this backround page,
with her name and info filled in!

Really! Check it out! If it works for her,
it can work for you. Just follow the click
throughs or just type “website” in the search box
and you’ll get to the FREE website offer!

Facebook allows you to create a
free website that talks about you!
You can mention your website and drive traffic to it.
Its free, easy, and a great way to market!
If you are homebound the internet is
the perfect business tool!
Wow! Your Business Builder has this built in.
The drip campaigns are great just watch the tutorials
and take off like a rocket!
They have programs for EMAIL, FACEBOOK, TWITTER & OTHERS!

Email a Friend Feature:

We have a feature available that allows
people who view your items on your website
to forward them to a friend with one
click of the mouse.
It is called “email a friend” feature
and is great for people who find something
that someone else would be interested in.
They simply click the button and it forwards
the product and link on your website to
the friend and allows them to add a short
message to the email.


Blogs are a great way to talk about
your business, post new promotions, etc.
Go to to set up
a free blog for your company!
Back it up!
If its hacked you can get it back up!

Start your own Affiliate Program:

Affiliate programs are a great way
to have other people working for you.
They help drive sales and you pay them
a percentage of the sale for their efforts.
Your website can be set up with an affiliate
program as part of an upgrade.
If you do not have that feature and would
like to know more, please speak with your
Web Master or Domain Hosting Service.

Search Engine Optimization:

This can be very pricey so be careful
before purchasing an optimization program.
Check out articles that explain how SEO works.
Here is a good one you can review.

To find a list of SEO companies simply Google
the phrase, “search engine optimization.”
Doing it yourself is possible.
I had time at night, but not the $$$
to pay someone else, so I did it.
Go to Google and slowy type in
p l e x u s p r o d u c t s
It pops up with just three letters,
on some computers.
This site is near the top of GOOGLE,
YAHOO, BING and others!
You can “do it yourself”

Multiple Domain Names:

Did you know that for as little as
$25 you can have 2 domain names,
both driving traffic to your website?
Look into advertising more than
1 domain name and driving traffic to both.
All the big guys do it, why don’t you?

Affiliate Programs:

Affiliate programs are a great way to generate mailbox money for you.
Your visitors click on other businesses banners and go to their web sites,
They purchase things there and you get a commission!
Your business helps drive sales to them, some even pay just for someone clicking!
Your website can be set up with an affiliate program fairly easily.
If you do not have that feature and would like to know more,
please speak with your Web Master, Domain Hosting Service or
just call me. Ever buy GROCERIES FROM AMAZON its A M A Z I N G !

Weekly Survey:

As part of your website, you have the opportunity
to run weekly or monthly surveys.
Ask questions of interest and give 4 to 5 potential answers.
Questions like, who will win American Idol?
Your website will track the answers and studies have shown
people will come back to your site to check on the results.

Banner Exchanges:

Exchanging banners with other companies
is a great way to drive traffic.
Most banner exchanges are free
to join and participate.
Please visit
www.e? or
for more information.

Sell Advertising:

Your website is not only used for selling products.
How about creating a page or multiple pages
where others can advertise their business?
Take out a free classified ad on or with a local paper.
Even if you had 10 people pay you $10
monthly to advertise on your site,
that is $100.00 a month and
it is all pure profit!!!

Pay Per Click Advertising:

Check out Google Adwords, Google Adsense, and Yahoo.
Visit , and


If you haven’t already, create a MySpace account.
Since gets tons of traffic,
what better place to put a blurb on your
business as well as your website address.
This will take people directly to your website!

Place Free Ads Online:

A free way to get some interest in your business!
Visit the following sites, , ,,
www.adlandpro, or

Discount Coupon :

Offer special discounts for people visiting your website.
You can offer a percentage or dollar amount off an order from you!
If you have not already tried this, think about it,
give them a discount of $10 on their first purchase,
they will be a repeat customer!
That’s what makes this business great!
Remember, Retail customers add up and if money is an issue,
they can keep you qualified! Month after month!


A very popular site that does not charge to place basic ads.
It requires a little work to place the ads
but once you find one that works, simply repeat it
over and over in different parts of the country!
This should be used for RECRUITING ONLY !!
Visit for more info!

Did you know it’s possible to work with
You can place ADS for recruiting.
Go to
for more information!

Opt In Email Lists:

Check out companies like for mailing lists.
Maybe a little pricey, but worth a try.
Usually the small list given to the
first time buyers, are the best list!
This is a great way to email blast
out tons of people for very little.
Get that message out there!

Why not create a 30 to 60 second
commercial with your camcorder,
post it on for free,
then create a link on your home page,
directing people to view your message.
Record a testimony for your family and
friends to see! Link it to your site.

Some are expensive! Sure, money is tight!
So why have you gotten this far without checking out the


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