PLEXUS SLIM is the most revolutionary weight loss product on the market, NOT a stimulant or thermogenic. Reducing and controlling blood glucose is the main ingredient’s primary purpose. (see video below) *A proprietary formula, its main working ingredients are two benign plant extracts, CHLOROGENIC ACID (PLANT EXTRACT), an anti-oxidant (limiting the oxidation of lipids in the liver and P57 OXYPREGNANE STEROIDAL GLYCOSIDE (PLANT EXTRACT), which is interpreted by the brain as glucose and is estimated to be 100,000 times more powerful than glucose, which sends the message to the body that it is full (which reduces food cravings) and has energy reserves (which keeps you burning your stored fuel – fat). ***Other ingredients are CITRIN K (GARCINIA CAMBOGIA), is a proprietary plant extract proven to suppress appetite and inhibit cholesterol synthesis in the liver. ALPHA LIPOIC ACID which has general benefits as an antioxidant and helps the following conditions: Hypertension (elevated blood pressure); Coronary Heart Disease or Metabolic Syndrome (high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol) or a build-up of plaque in arteries from elevated cholesterol, also improves the function of the mitochondria (a crucial part of the cell) involved in proper coronary vascular function. Peripheral Neuropathy: burning, pain, numbness or itching in legs and feet caused by peripheral neuropathy, may ease your symptoms. This condition can be caused by diabetes and other conditions, such as Lyme disease, alcoholism, shingles, thyroid disease and kidney failure. Certain injuries can also cause the above symptoms, as well as nutritional deficiencies and chemotherapy. CHROMIUM (AMINO NICOTINATE GTF) is called an “essential trace element” because very small amounts of chromium are necessary for human health, used for improving blood sugar control in people with prediabetes, Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, and high blood sugar due to taking steroids. It is also used for depression, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), lowering “bad” cholesterol, and raising “good” cholesterol in people taking heart medications called beta blockers. Also it will help body conditioning including weight loss, increasing muscle, and decreasing body fat and to improve athletic performance and to increase energy. BEET ROOT & GRAPE SKIN EXTRACT known as anti-oxidants, may affect heart diseases such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. BEET ROOT also helps with protein deficiency and diabetes, triggers smooth muscle relaxation which is part of how it works to lower BP. Also contains POLYDEXTROSE a soluble fiber, CITRIC ACID (Vitamin C) which helps eliminate free-radicals. STEVIA EXTRACT (sweetener) with slower onset and longer duration than sugar. Helps reverse diabetes and metabolic syndrome. May reduce hypertension, used for 30 years in Japan, used in South America spanning multiple generations as treatment for diabetes. LO HAN EXTRACT (sweetener) used in China to treat diabetes and obesity.
(PLEXUS SLIM alone contains NO stimulants)

* * * Here is a video where Dave Brown is interviewed about PLEXUS SLIM! * * *

(IT IS 11:00 MINUTES!)


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